26 September 2023

Explainer: What is a British National Overseas (BNO) passport?

BNO became a hot topic in Hong Kong after China passed the resolution to impose a national security law in the city.

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[This article was published in July 2020. An update is underway.]

What is a BNO passport? What are the differences between BNO and British passports?

How many people in Hong Kong hold BNO passports?

If my parents are BNO holders, can I apply for BNO as well?

If my BNO has already expired, can I still renew?

What is the origin of the BNO?

Are government officials in Hong Kong allowed to have a BNO?

Didn’t U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson say the privileges of BNO holders will be extended to include the right to abode?

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Boris Johnson published an opinion piece on June 3 indicating the British government will extend the privileges of BNO holders (Courtesy: The South China Morning Post)

How did China react?

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